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Title: Phosphorus availability of the fraction soluble in the neutral ammonium citrate and water-insoluble of acidulated phosphates.
Institution: Superior College of Agriculture "Luiz de Queiroz" (USP/ESALQ)
Date: March, 1996.

Title: Sulphur availability for sicilian lemon in a medium-textured dark-red Latosol.
Institution: Center for Nuclear Energy Applied to Agriculture (USP/CENA)
Date: October, 1992.





Prochnow L I, Kiehl J C and Raij B van. 1998. Plant availability of phosphorus in the neutral ammonium citrate fraction of Brazilian acidulated phosphates. Nut. Cyc. Agr., 52:61-65.
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Prochnow L I, Pismel F S, Cantarella H, Vitti G C, Kiehl J C and Corrente J E. 1998. Use of ion-exchange resin to evaluate the bioavailability of sulfur in the soil. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal., 29:1833-1841. (Greenhouse study with maize)
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Prochnow L I, Kiehl J C. and Raij B van. 1997. Influence of cationic impurities in acidulated phosphates on the availability of phosphorus to two corn crops. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal., 28:1375-1391.

Prochnow L I, Kiehl J C, Pismel F S and Corrente J E. 1995. Controlling ammonia losses during manure composting with the addition of phosphogysum and simple superphosphate. Scientia Agricola, 52:346-349.

Raij B van, Quaggio, J A, Cantarella H, Prochnow L I, Vitti G C and Pereira H S. 1994. Soil and plant analysis in Brazil. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal., 25:739-751.






Prochnow L I, Lozani M C B and Kiehl J C. 1998. The application of the constructive theory in teaching soil fertility. Rev. Bras. C. Solo, 22:539-545.

Dematte, J A M, Garcia G J and Prochnow L I. 1998. Influence of induced chemical properties of three soils from Parana State (Brazil) on the spectral reflectance. Rev. Bras. C. Solo, 22:479-490.

Plese L P M, Tiritan C S, Yassuda E I, Prochnow L I, Corrente J E and Mello S C. 1998. Effects of application of calcium and of boron on the occurrence of blosson-end rot and on yield of tomato grown in greenhouse condition. Scientia Agricola, 55:144-148.

Prochnow L I, Boaretto, A E and Vitti G C. 1997. Ion-exchange resin to evaluate sulphur availability in soils. Rev. Bras. C. Solo, 21:335-339. (Field study with Sicilian Lemon)

Prochnow L I and Boaretto A E. 1995. Soil sampling depth for evaluation of available sulfur in a sicilian lemon (Citrus limon Burm.) orchard. Scientia Agricola, 52:101-106.

Nakagawa J, Prochnow L I, Bull L T and Boas R L V. 1992. Effects of organic composts on a lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) crop. Cientifica, 20:173-180.

Nakagawa J, Prochnow L I and Bull L T. 1989. Effects of organic compounds, obtained from sugar cane bagass fermented with two biofertilizes, on a lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) crop. Revista da Agricultura, 64:255-262.





Prochnow L I, Clemente C A, Dillard E F, Melfi A, and Kauwenbergh S. Identification of compounds present in single superphosphates produced from Brazilian phosphate rocks using SEM, EDX and X-ray techniques. (August 2000).

Prochnow L I, Raij B and Kiehl J C. Effect of water and citrate solubility on the agronomic effectiveness of some brazilizian commercial acidulated phosphate sources to three corn crops. (June 2000).

Prochnow L I, Cunha J F and Ventimiglia A F C. Field evaluation of commercial and experimental phosphate fertilizers regarding the effectiveness of the water-soluble and citrate-soluble P. (March 2000).

Prochnow L I , Plese L P M and Abreu M F. Characterization and agronomic evaluation of the bioavailability of cadmium contained in single superphosphates produced from different Brazilian raw-materials. (December 1999).




Agronomic evaluation of phosphate fertilizers containing cationic impurities
for upland and flooded rice.

Requirement of water-soluble phosphorus in acidulated phosphate fertilizers
containing Fe-Al-P compounds.

Mineralogical characterization of acidulated phosphate fertilizers (modal analysis).

Preparation in laboratory conditions and agronomic evaluation of Fe-Al-P impurities
present in acidulated phosphate fertilizers.

Enhacement in the availability of phosphorus from low-reactivity
phosphate rock by compaction with water-soluble P
from single or triple superphosphate.

Effect of KCl on Cd uptake by upland rice and soybean.


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